Favorite Thanksgiving…

  1. Tradition- beginning the never ending playing of Christmas music
  2. Activity- Cooking!
  3. Decoration- Autumn napkins folded all prettily
  4. Recipe- Chocolate Stout Cake!!!
  5. Moment- playing Catch-a-Phrase with family and friends
  6. Song- any song by Michael Bublé 
  7. Memory- eating soo much food that your belly is just about to explode and you need to be rolled away from the table by helping hands

This Thanksgiving was extremely successful, despite the fact that the oven almost broke down, the dryer did break down, and the fridge also gave out (yes, it was very eventful in our house this year!). All of the recipes were absolutely delicious and amazing, and we felt especially blessed to be surrounded by family and friends. You all really need to make a chocolate stout cake at some point in your life- http://www.spoonforkbacon.com/2013/11/spicy-chocolate-stout-cake/. Hope the holiday was the same for everybody else, because this is the season that is truly the time to give thanks for blessings and to feel the love from those around us. Image


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