Starting Whole30 on Christmas Day!

     So yeah, I’m crazy. But everyone already knows that, right? I’m going to start my Whole30 challenge tomorrow, which is Christmas as you know. After reading more information, testimonials, tips and…binging on a ton of food…I decided to put it off no longer and “jump right in”. I’m starting this full body cleanse for several reasons, but mostly because I am so very tired of the guilty feeling I constantly have plaguing me. It really has become a mental game I’m playing with myself; I tell myself “no”, then balance the options, convince myself that I deserve to eat those five cookies in the break room and ultimately succumb to my own silver tongue (or mind?). And that’s just plain awful. It is time for a change, and it being Christmas is not going to stop me. Christmas shouldn’t be about justifiably eating ungodly amounts of chocolate and pie, nor should it be about the presents. So in a way, this seems like the perfect opportunity to begin this adventure! Yes, I’m going to call it an adventure for my own mental sake. 🙂

     From here on out, I will keep you up to date about what I’m eating, feeling and how my body is changing. I’ll start with a weigh in tomorrow morning (most likely AFTER the presents), but won’t touch the scale until the very end (one of the rules on the website). Tomorrow will probably be one of the most difficult tests, especially since I know that there is coconut and mint chocolates chilling in the bottom of my stocking this very moment.

     To wrap it up, I just wanted to list a few reasons as to WHY I’m attempting…nay, completing this challenge (saying attempting isn’t going to help me get anywhere -_-).


  1. To kick-start my menstrual cycle (TMI, I understand, but definitely one of the most important reasons for this challenge).
  2. To drop a few pounds (because let’s face it, I’d be lying if that wasn’t a main reason)
  3. To see if it doesn’t help with dandruff/hair loss and acne
  4. To possess more energy throughout the entire day to accomplish so many more tasks
  5. and most importantly, to overcome these mental games and prove to myself that I CAN accomplish anything I set my mind to. I’m so very sick of repeating to myself, “well, I ruined today’s streak, so I’ll just eat this box of cereal and start over tomorrow”. NO MORE!

     So without further ado, I begin my journey. Moo will most likely be joining me on this adventure, but will keep you updated in her own time and way. If anything, I hope that my challenge will perhaps inspire others who feel the symptoms of “fake food”, and want to change their own lives for the better. You are never alone. Stay tuned. Mimi.

Link to the website here >>





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