New Year’s Resolutions

Just thinking about the concept of New Year’s Resolutions and realized that I managed to keep 1 or 2 for 2013. As I draw up the list for 2014, there are several repetitions of last year’s as well:

Exercise daily– while it didn’t happen daily, I was able to hit the workouts at least once or twice a week (which is more than I’ve EVER done before!). I noticed changes in my body, and found out (surprise!) that my best days are the days I’ve done some form of workout. So this will undoubtedly be added to 2014’s list, as I aim to work harder at it and see better results.

Keep records of life– this is a rather general topic, but I was also able to keep up with this. While I initially intended on keeping a Project Life (that ended at the end of January…), I kept my journal for the most part and wrote down the not so interesting yet more important aspects of my life and thoughts. I’m pretty proud about this because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted keeping a journal and failed.

I’ll post our 2014 resolutions soon, but just want to remind you that they don’t ALL have to be hard! Make some fun resolutions that you know you’ll keep, such as trying new foods or going on a road trip. Mimi.